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2009 in review; cold, snowy winter so far

January 5, 2010

2009 was a wet, cold year for the Chicagoland area. 47.44″ of total precipitation, and 51.6″ of snow, fell in the calendar year for 2009. This is about 11″ more precipitation than the yearly normal of 36.27″ at O’Hare International Airport, and 13.6″ more snow than normal.

This is, however, less than the 50.45″ and 60.2″ of rain that fell in calendar year 2008.

The dry start to January is offset by 4.62″ of precipitation that fell during December, more than twice the normal amount (2.15″). Much of the precipitation fell as snow, and remains as snowpack, helping to cool daytime temperatures.

Another 7-9″ of snow (0.30″ water equivalent) is expected to fall on Thursday, January 7. With another surge of arctic air following the snowfall and models not predicting a pattern change for the next two weeks, 2010 promises to continue its cool trend.

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