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Flood survey for July 25

July 31, 2010
Approximate Continuous Floodzone Map

This map attempts to depict the largest area of water that rises and falls as one body of water during major flooding.

Flooding in the main floodplain (approximately depicted above; the area probably grows as the water level rises) crested at 4:30 AM the morning of July 25, according to neighbor reports.

The following pictures will attempt to identify the high water mark in each of the locations. The pictures were taken between 9:45 AM-11:15 AM. Commentary follows. Most is self-explanatory.

Kuhn Road at Mohican/Birchbark.

Kuhn Road at Mohican/Birchbark. Water is stagnant but at the level of waters on Mohican Road itself.

The overall water level appeared to have fallen approximately 6 inches in the 5-6 hours since cresting on July 25 at 4:30 AM. Water level in the higher floodplains had significantly different crest times and durations.

Somewhat more helpful are videos taking during this survey:

This video shows Hiawatha Drive at Thunderbird Trail. At some point, the water level had been 4″ higher, resulting in a greater amount of water coursing down Klein Creek. At this point, however, the water has slowed considerably.

This video shows the continued rush of water from Mitchell Lakes into Klein Creek. A later survey would show that part of the spillway had washed away from the force of the water entering the creek.

This video shows how water flows through yards on Hiawatha Drive downstream from Illini Drive. Water is not stagnant as the water levels rise and fall through the crest.

A few more pictures will be posted soon, followed by more detailed meteorological analysis. Afterwards, this blog will start looking into what further flood mitigation techniques the village may be able to do.

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