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Flash flooding possible but not entirely certain tonight

August 3, 2010

A Flash Flood Watch is currently in effect for areas south of I-90. Thunderstorms are expected tonight, with rain totals of more than 2″ possible. Rain totals of 2-3″ may cause street closures, depending on how full the existing flood facilities when the rain begins to fall.

The HPC has less confidence in the probability of a flash flood event. There are no current indications in the Excessive Rainfall Forecast that they expect flash flooding.

It is still somewhat of a mystery as to where the heaviest rain will fall in the Chicago area. Stay tuned to the latest forecasts for more information.

Update 8:35 AM: A strong storm brought about 0.95″ of rain to the Carol Stream area. This is not enough to cause damaging flooding, but with yesterday’s rain, is likely enough to shut down streets for a few hours. In addition, most of the old part of Carol Stream is now without power.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    August 4, 2010 10:01 am

    8/4/10 To my surprise it is not that bad this morning some minor flooding on Silverleaf. Last night around 11pm I was out for a walk and there was standing water on Illini none of the storm drains were draining they were full of water. We are out of power as of 6:45am. CS is set up in the church parking lot on Cochise sandbagging which I was surprised to see since we did not have this during the storms on 7/23-7/24.

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